Aug 30, 2007

Odds and Ends

- I found a great news item from a couple of years ago about a yearling moose and a 20-year old horse that were best friends. It just seemed fitting to post here. What with my recent musing on horse-moose dating.
"For weeks, a young moose was seen wandering around the Groton village area and on July 12 ended up in a field adjacent to Route 302 outside the village. [...] And in a hayfield close to that farm, a horse was paddocked. The two animals came together and before long, the moose was following the horse back to the farm yards and barn. They romped together, trotted together and could be seen peering out the barn window or standing side-by-side at the fence just outside the farm's kitchen door.
After more than seven weeks, the two female animals are still attracted to each other. They are both brown, the moose taller and longer. The horse is the leader and the moose follows wherever they go. The moose is about a year old, according to neighbors who have spoken with a Vermont game biologist. The farm children named her Mary."

Awwww....that's too cute.

- And what with my rant on the lack of helmet-wearing yesterday, I figured I should post a link to Troxel. They've created a helmet concealed within a traditional derby hat, for saddleseat riders (and I suppose you could use it for dressage as well). I didn't know that this existed. And yeah, I admit it's not gorgeous, but why couldn't we continue to work on creating options like this and slowly make them more attractive. I'd wear it.

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