Aug 21, 2007

Movie Night

By the way, everyone, in addition to me randomly posting cool stuff, ranting, educating, etc...I will also be doing monthly movie reviews. This will involve me getting a bunch of horse and (especially) non-horse friends together, getting drunk and watching a horse movie. I will then summarize the best parts for your reading pleasure. I made a list of horse movies, good and bad, old and new. You will now be in awe at just how many horse movies were made over the years. The list, in no particular order:

- Justin Morgan Had a Horse
- Dark Horse
- The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit
- Touching Wild Horses
- A Horse for Danny
- Blue Fire Lady
- Sylvester
- The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies
- Virginia’s Run
- Running Free
- Ruffian
- Phar Lap
- Barbaro
- Flicka
- Dreamer
- The Derby Stallion
- Hidalgo
- Seabiscuit
- The Long Shot
- Young Black Stallion
- The Black Stallion
- Black Beauty
- Shergar
- Princess Stallion
- The Adventures of the Black Stallion (TV, Season 1 & 2)
- National Velvet
- International Velvet
- The Black Stallion Returns
- New Adventures of Black Beauty (TV, Season 1 & 2)
- My Friend Flicka/Thunderhead/Green Grass of Wyoming
- The Story of Seabiscuit
- The Man from Snowy River
- Return to Snowy River
- Lightning, The White Stallion
- Misty
- The Littlest Horse Thieves
- Danny
- My Pal Trigger
- The Golden Stallion
- Legend of the White Horse
- Archer’s Adventure
- Into the West
- Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
- The Winter Stallion
- The Electric Horseman
- Medicine Hat Stallion
- Miracle of the White Stallions
- Flash
- King of the Wind
- The Last Unicorn
- Legend
- Moon Stallion
- Gypsy Colt

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AlReeces said...

OMG I have been looking for a list of horse movies! Thank you!