Aug 20, 2007

Hungover Pony Round-up

I had quite the weekend. And I'm paying for it today. Thus, my inability to post until now. Anyway, what horse-y things are happening in the world today?

- Shows in England are rewarding slim ponies. They are rebelling against the idea that ponies have to be fat to win. Personally, I love a fat, shiny pony (not obese, mind you). I like my horses skinny and my ponies fat. You try to work that out.

- This is kind of cool. People in Indiana re-enact a 13 mile pony express mail ride every year. My pony would have loved to do that - he could go for hours without ever tiring.

- And now for the tear-jerker.....The tiny pony Dino, survivor of that terrible arson attack (in 2000) on Brooklyn's Brighton Beach Stables, had to be euthanized last week. He was in his 40s and had terrible lung damage, but it still makes me feel a little sad. That said, ponies are tough as nails - he lived happily for 7 years with pretty devastating injuries.

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