Aug 30, 2007

Get Me Some of Those...

If you're a dressage rider looking for well-made, attractive breeches you should look at Goodfellow breeches. I was clued into this brand about two years ago by a friend at my barn and frankly, they're some of the best breeches I have ever owned. You can customize fabric, color, slim or full-fit (warning: full-fit is the silly-looking pleated variety that I wouldn't be caught dead in), and whether you want full-seat or knee patches. The price cannot be beat for the quality - EUR 124 for full-seat (real leather) slim fit breeches. That's probably about $168 (used to be less, but the exchnage rate is getting crappy for the $) and I am the absolute last person in the world to tell anyone to spend loads of money on tack and equipment, but I would definitely encourage anyone to buy these breeches. For the price, they fit like a dream on all body-types; you get to choose from a wide variety of colors; and they last forever. I am not joking. I have had loads and loads of breeches die after one year of regular usage. These can last 2 or 3 years, even more (my friend had hers for like 5 years) and this is with someone who can not be bothered to use correct laundry detergent (for leather) or correct washing methods.

Their website sucks majorly, but it just adds to the charm. It feels like you're supporting a real mom-and-pop shop. I don't know. Maybe I just have a totally irrational love of this brand, but I do and I think more people should give these guys a shot. Really, what have you got to lose? Well, except $168? But if you have only one amazing pair of dressage breeches, this should be it.

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Carol said...

I've been wearing Goodfellow Breeches since 1999 about ten years at LEAST, maybe more. My friend found a used pair on ebay all that time ago, won the auction and loved them. Then we found their web site which by the way hasn't changed either! I ordered 3 pair when the conversion from euro to US dollars was much better and they were about $89 apiece back then! They are still the ONLY breeches I wear, throw them in the wash, hang dry and are still in phenomenal condition! After getting them I sold all my Pikeur, Shumachers, etc on ebay and made enough to pay what I spent on the Goodfellows. Once the euro comes down again it'll be time to buy more but for now, they'll do just fine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE BREECHES!