Aug 22, 2007

Evil or Awesome?

I can't decide if this horse scares me or delights me. Yeah, it's all awesome to see a horse chasing a Frisbee. I wish my horses would chase Frisbees. But there is something very sinister in his expression as he's chasing it. He kind of looks like a demon. I'm actually afraid.
Especially when you consider this sentence, accompanying the picture: "The eccentric stallion used to chase cats, pigeons, and rabbits." Apparently his trainer/breeder taught him to chase the Frisbee to keep him out of trouble. Um, thanks Mr. Evil-Wrangler...otherwise I guess there would have been many mangled animals wandering pitifully through the universe. So, way to channel this horse's aggression. Now, if he would just learn to chase frat-boys down with this expression. Then, he'd be my devil-spawn hero.

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