Aug 16, 2007

Crap Blog of Crap

File this one under something that sounded awesome and turned out to be majorly lame.

I found a link to the Horse Dating Scene Blog. Yeah, sounds awesome doesn't it. Yeah, until you visit it. Go ahead. Do it, I'll wait for you.

Back already? I know, I feel your pain. Because moron doesn't seem to first of all know how to make a blog that scrolls! WTF?! I'm new to blogging and I can scroll on my site - I make blogger do the work. That's what you do when you want someone to read your site - you make it able to be read!!!! You know, I'm just putting it out there. I'm crazy like that.

But even worse, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH HORSES?! It's touted as the dating scene for horse lovers. So, where's the gossip? Where's the important articles on how to juggle spending time with the person you love and spending the show season in Florida? Yeah, not there. I checked. No, this person would rather vomit self-help crap like this gem: "Showing interest in getting to know the person you are attracted to helps always with communication, which can lead to a friendship that you both could enjoy and share. Practice talking to everyone; store clerks are a good captive audience. Better yet if you are a store clerk, then the constant stream of customers is your captive audience. Just talk about anything."

Whatevs. Good thing you started a horse dating blog and not just a dating blog. Super job, crazy person. And yeah, this person is mundo crazy-o. "It all comes down to people not meaning what they say. Here’s a classic: “You can’t say he like chicken because he’s black, that’s racist!” No it’s not. That’s stereotypical, maybe even prejudiced, but certainly not racist. What’s that? Not a big deal you say? Tell that to Jesse Jackson, who says everything is racist, which is just not true. Oh sure, people will generalize by race, but that is far different than thinking that one race is inferior to another." Really. Need I say more?

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